About us

Welcome to Crystal Bay Bridal Accessories

Hello, and welcome to Crystal Bay Bridal Accessories where we have everything your wedding day needs, to make you look magnificent.  We are a family business: the Jensen sisters, Lily 29, and Chloe, 27, started our store. Our family had Crystal Bay Bridal for over 3 years and Lily and Chloe had the accessory area of the store.

Lily and Chloe know what brides are looking for because they were brides. So they want to be able to help other brides get the details right. ‘The look is important for a bride on her wedding day,’ Chloe said. ‘We want brides to find just the right veil and headpiece, jewellery, shoes and more to go with their gowns.’


 Lily and Chloe run the business; and they approach each customer, truly, as a person. Both women love bridal fashion, and their flair means that you are fairly certain to find something for yourself that echoes your own style.

We want you to enjoy yourself and feel good here, and we will help you look and feel your best on this special day.


bride showing off her earing