Choosing the Right Wedding Celebrant in NSW

Getting married in NSW? Here’s how to choose a celebrant to officiate your wedding.

What Does a Wedding Celebrant Do?

The celebrant leads the ceremony that marries you and your partner. They:

  • Work with you to plan a personal ceremony
  • Make the ceremony meaningful and emotional
  • Handle the legal paperwork

They are doing a job here! This person is the celebrant, this is your show, and they are setting the scene for your vision.

Think About What You Want

Before you search for a celebrant, think about what you want for your ceremony:

  • Traditional or modern style?
  • Funny or serious tone?
  • Calming or lively personality?
  • Specific religious or cultural traditions?
  • Knowing what you want will help you find the right fit.

Look for Celebrants

Ask friends and relatives who are married what they used. Check Yelp or other review sites. Look at sites and social media and pick someone who does style the way you prefer.

Meet Top Choices

Interview your shortlist in person. Do they understand your concept? Do you gel with them? Think in advance about the kind of questions you should ask them about their working process and experience, and their prices.

  • Pick Your Celebrant
  • Consider things like:
  • Experience level
  • Licensing and credentials
  • Personality and style fit
  • Your comfort level and connection

The best celebrant for you will be one who will take you along on this whole exhilarating escapade of planning and executing your wedding in Sydney!

Work Together

Sit down with your celebrant early and often, to share your love story and ideas for the ceremony script and flow. Rely on their knowledge, not only through the planning process but also on the day.

Finding the right celebrant to do your wedding in NSW, will guarantee that it’s one ceremony you’ll never forget!

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