How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Accessories In Sydney

It’s the most important day of your life so you deserve the perfect accessories, and wading through another season’s array of bridal additions can be a daunting process. With so many options, what’s the best way to find pieces that underline your perfect look? It’s all about keeping an open mind as you play with ideas – allow yourself space for exploration and be surprised by what you discover as a result. Forget any preconceived notions you might have had about your ideal bridal style – and let yourself be guided to the pieces that reveal your beauty. Here are some tips.

Creating Your Bridal Look: Veils, Headpieces, and Personal Style

Once you are clear on the type of wedding you envision, you can begin to identify an aesthetic: scan Pinterest boards, magazines and boutique window displays. What sparks inspiration? What appeals to your eye and soul? Are you pulled to modern minimalism or boho chic? Do you prefer traditional pearl hair clips or edgy, contemporary floral crowns? Anything that stops you as you scroll or thumb through is something you should consider. Scan, clip, save. Add 1-3 favourite visual concepts to a photo gallery or Pinterest board, and refer back when browsing potential options.

Then sit back and experiment with veils of varying lengths, weights and embellishments, which make such a drastic difference to the style. Be a good sport and try everything on (many stylists will have samples, so you will not make a salesperson’s day any better or worse by saying ‘I have no idea, just show me everything you have’). If there are particular hopes – ‘I really want this to look like it belongs in a cathedral, or maybe I was thinking of one that’s very light and birdcage?’ – be sure to say so at the outset. To add an unexpected touch of beauty, step outside of your comfort zone: combine very romantic lace edges with something extra modern such as a fascinator or crystal pins and you can come up with some very intriguing combos that are at once well-matched yet jarring, classic yet very of the moment.

When picking a headpiece, let your dress dictate your texture and design. If you’re wearing a slim-fitting satin dress, you’d be best served to wear slim metal hair combs. A-line tulle ballgowns can be complimented with floral or crystal tiaras on a thin chain across the forehead. You don’t have to match perfectly. Sometimes contrast shows creativity. A big personality works best with something loud and colourful, if you’re going for a less traditional affair.

Your bridal gown’s neckline and sleeves play a role in your accessory choices: chunky statement necklaces work with today’s strapless sweetheart styles because placement and projection can be easily adjusted. Try crystal strands or pearl bibs with portrait necklines and their keyhole openings, which frame your clavicle nicely, or an illusion panel lining sleeves with a glam cuff in art deco metal or an ATP tennis bracelet right up the wrist-to-wrist way.

Bridal Shoes & Finishing Touches: Expressing Your Unique Style

Don’t forget your shoes! Are you dreaming of a pair of heels or a pair of flats? Our shop can help you with ‘something blue’ with interesting accents for something to incorporate in special ways – satin ribbons in rich colours, sheer bottoms accents, or custom leather insoles – shoes so often gracefully ‘top off’ ensembles, so choose a pair to communicate who you are. Are you aching for height and old Hollywood glamour? Right, or wrong. Tower in red heels. Do you want to walk on air? Choose little ballet slippers. Your footwear will set the tone for your stride and your ultimate confidence and joyful comfort throughout the entire celebration.

Finding Joy in Bridal Accessory Selection: Trusting Your Instincts and Bonding with Loved Ones

I also recommend pausing between sessions so that your mind can work through impressions. Run favourites past family members and friends to test the waters on styles you’re drawn to. In the end, only your gut can decide if a piece looks like ‘so you’. You can’t make a bad decision if your selections feel true to your spirit and expressive of your style. After several sessions, synthesise thoughts into unified visions of how you want to feel – in signature images that feel like you when you catch a glimpse of your glamorous going-out gown.

With decisions for the finishing touches coming to a close, view everything as a larger whole. How do colour and texture work together and among the bridesmaids to create a cohesive experience? Will the accessories complement the ceremony and reception ambience? Most importantly, are the treasures – maybe heirloom jewellery or an object with an old family story – given space among the newer splurges? Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue will add up to a good luck charm as you celebrate old personal connections.

Enjoy this time of bonding with loved ones while hunting for wedding beauty. Laughter can certainly reduce anxiety surrounding searches. My mother and auntie caused me to laugh on several occasions when I was modelling dresses, but especially when they made me try on that bow headpiece – they nearly sent me into fits of laughter! Trying things on can take your mind off what it feels like by encouraging your imagination to run free. I had completely lost my interest in the dress when I tried on the rope of crystals and not about that bow headpiece until my mother announced, ‘Get the girl out of this bow. She’ll want smaller earrings.’ Suddenly, I could picture the rest of my look – glamorously easy – and friends were gasping in recognition when I held up the rose gold earring with the delicate, step-cut crystals. And just like that, clear as a bell, I knew. These are ‘so me’. Trust your instincts, and your breakthrough moment will be just around the corner.

I can’t wait to see you able to mix and match beautiful vintage accessories to your bridal look with a personal twist! Feel free to call me on any of the bridal ideas that can help you spark your creativity to find those gorgeous pieces that will allow your heart to rejoice when you walk down that aisle to forever love.

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